A Lua Em Brasília

A Lua Em Brasília

É um círculo perfeito

Como um brinco de pérola

Na orelha de uma moça despreocupada

(Ou um furo branco numa tela negra





8 thoughts on “A Lua Em Brasília

  1. I don’t know what any of this says, but it’s so sexy I think I’m going to pass out. Oh, well. I’ll wake up eventually . . . So those are your two eyes? You’re right. It’s good I’m sitting down. . . . . .

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    1. Thank you, I may translate it someday. It’s really simple, it’s about the moon in the city of Brasília. It looked so white and perfectly circular that it made me think of a pearl. I didn’t take a picture to go with the poem because phone cameras suck when it comes to moon pictures, ugh. Wish I had though, it looked beautiful.

      I thought you already knew these were my eyes! (: Well, at least I always assume people think that, not sure if they do, haha.

      Your last comment — I already took the pictures of the portraits, I just started writing you back.

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      1. I love looking at the moon. But you’re right — phones take terrible moon pictures. I tried a couple times, then gave up. I’d like to get a real camera someday so I can be one of those amateur photographers who posts pictures all over their blog. Would have to do some research into which of the affordable ones are best, though.

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      2. I always say I’m going to buy a real camera, but I never do! I’ve promising one for like, ummm, two years? But it’s an affordable purchase (I’m not talking about a professional​ camera lol), and I have no idea why I just don’t go to a store and get one. Probably because I’d forget about it in a couple months, that’s me and electronics…

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      3. I’m not much of an “electronics” person either. I’m about the most basic it gets when it comes to computers. If somebody needed me to save somebody’s life by hacking into somebody’s criminal system — they’d be dead. Whoops.

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      4. That’s me right there. I never know what I’m doing on the computer. I remember when I was 13 or 14 and was tech savvy. Then technology progressed and I stayed in 2007.
        But I’m addicted to my phone. I’m not even on social media, but I use my phone for everything, so I really rely on it.

        I’m going to email you back in a moment, I just need to find something to eat.

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